Serve The World

Missions Outside the U.S.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” Matthew 28:19

The needs of God’s people don’t stop just outside our front door. At The Refinery, we have a special relationship with missions in Central America.

In desiring to obey God’s command in Matthew 28:19, where we are told to “go and make disciples of all nations,”

We make it a priority to reach out to international settings in two major ways. First, we directly support the Church of the Nazarene Worldwide Missions Program where they have missionaries in over 100 countries.

Second, The Refinery sends mission teams each year to various international locations to aid, assist, and develop indigenous communities. These teams often focus on needs that include children and family ministries, construction, and/or medical needs. If you are interested in going on an international Missions trip, please contact the office.