21 Days of Prayer

Prayer is essential in the life of the individual who follows after Jesus. Prayer is essential for families and churches who long to be centered in Christ. 

As such, we’re setting aside specific time this month for a call to 21 Days of Prayer for our church.

The concept is simple. Each day, you are invited to reflect upon a name or attribute of God as found in the scripture. Then, consider the brief introduction of that name/attribute, read the scripture associated with it, and pray (speak & listen) to God in light of that name/attribute. Reflect on that name or attribute throughout the day.

As we come through a challenging year and election cycle, it is good to remember who is our hope, trust, and foundation. As we head into a time where, as a culture, we give thanks, it’s important to remember who is the giver of all good gifts. As we anticipate the Advent season on the heels of Thanksgiving, we look for God to draw near.

Personal Prayer Guide

Prayer Requests

21 Days of Prayer Reference:
Most of these prayer prompts come directly from a 30 Day Plan produced by The Navigators. That plan can be found HERE.